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SunSun JUP-23W UV Pump

SunSun JUP-23W UV Pump

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This amazing SunSun JUP-23 submersible UV sterilizer allows simple and effective UV control of harmful microorganisms & free-floating algae. Compact and versatile units are ready to install - no additional tubing or circulation pump required. Built-in pump directs waterborne organisms past the UV-C lamp for clean, clear aquarium water. Install in vertical or horizontal position right in your aquarium or sump. For fresh, saltwater aquariums or garden ponds. Includes UV unit with built-in pump and UV ballast, UV-C lamp and suction cup mounting brackets.

Suitable for tanks up to 75-gallons
Dimension: 12.5" L X 2.75" W X 2.75" H
Flow rate: 210 gallon per hour
13 Watt UV light
Submariner UV Sterilizer/Clarifier helps neutralize harmful microorganisms & free-floating algae
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